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Honda NSX Turbo
Turbo set and parts

 ASM/AMW  NSX Turbo video  at Immola Airfield

NSX Turbo set/ special parts  : Dealer  AS-Motorsport . This is full kit with intercooler super flow intank option.

 AMW  NSX COP COIL set : Tru bolt on set  with bosch cop coils and  OEM style harnes . 655 € 0% tax  ( eu private 775 € including tax 24% )

CAM timing pins : Two adjustable offset  tool steel  pins.

NSX Trigger wheel set : 325 € 0 % tax . Wheel, sensor , sensor base and hardware ( needs OEM balancer modification) Aftermarket ecus Only !

NSX OIL COOLER SET :  Bolt on set  with  carbon air duct ! Highest quality  oil cooler set for NSX ! Price 1050€

Grankshaft refurbish service . Spunned rod journal recontioning. Grankshaft after nitrocarburation ( gray colour) Ask more !

Bosch Ev14 Injectors 300-1550 cc bolt on